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Supplier On - Boarding Service

This Data Sheet looks at PROACTIS Supplier On-Boarding Service
Supplier On - Boarding Service
The PROACTIS Supplier On-Boarding Service uses a proven best practice process
to help organisations address this foundational element of Spend Control. Using this
service you will quickly and efficiently put in place:
  • A supplier directory with complete and accurate information on all known suppliers
  • Approved suppliers that meet your standardised pre-assessment criteria and are therefore eligible for specific sourcing activities and/or organisation purchases (optional)
The supplier directory can be delivered in either of two ways:
  • As content in the PROACTIS Supplier Directory to support PROACTIS
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and an active cloud-based supplier portal (requires software licence)
  • As an electronic file for import into any supplier management system (no software licence required
The PROACTIS Supplier On-Boarding Service provides a structured and
cost-effective multi-step process to:

Capture and partially cleanse existing supplier information
  • Load your current suppliers into a consolidated directory
  • Perform basic completeness checks
Drive supplier registrations and information updates
  • Establish working cloud-based supplier portal (may be for life of project only)
  • Create and send ‘invitations to register’ to suppliers; follow up to ensure completion
  • Ensure complete information submitted; follow-up as needed
  • Provide supplier helpline throughout process
Perform supplier qualification (optional)
  • Obtain your criteria
  • Create and send qualification questions; follow up to ensure completion
  • Score and evaluate responses against your criteria
  • Communicate results to you and indicate status in supplier directory
Deliver supplier directory
  • Either turn PROACTIS supplier directory over to you or generate file for use in other systems
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