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Spend Control Success

Real savings, efficiency gains and risk mitigation from real customers
Spend Control Success
Service-based organisations around the world face specific challenges when trying to bring their expenditure under control. And their challenges usually relate to complexity.
Getting a clear picture of who is spending what with whom can seem impossible. Complex, legacy systems and manual processes make things worse. Few enterprises have standardised procurement, purchasing and accounts payable processes. Rather, they use multiple systems and ad hoc processes that make getting a handle on corporate spend even more elusive.
But there’s good news. Some organisations have managed to transform their processes – and they are reaping the rewards.
In this brochure, we look at examples of organisations – across sectors including the Public Sector, Education, Retail, Financial Services, Not-for-Profit, Housing, Professional Services, Property Management and more – that have achieved significant cashable and efficiency savings with PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement.   
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