Wigan Council Achieves 40% Efficiency Savings with PROACTIS Invoice Capture

PROACTIS supports an end-to-end process transformation resulting in £120,000 annualised invoice processing savings and a 40% increase in Accounts Payable (AP) efficiency.
PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement provider, today published a case study on how Wigan Council has driven down costs and increased efficiency with PROACTIS Invoice Data Capture

Wigan Council is a local authority serving approximately 318,000 citizens in the North West of England. With over 4,000 employees and 90,000 invoices processed per annum, the council was looking for opportunities to further automate its financial processes, specifically around reducing costs and improving efficiency in Accounts Payable. 

Martyn Kenyon, Strategic Finance Manager, Wigan Council said: “We were upgrading our Unit4 Business World ERP system and centralising our AP function with the aim of automating our Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process, which was drawn out and dominated by paper and inefficient manual methods. The PROACTIS solution integrated well with our Unit 4 Business World system to deliver efficiency savings of over 40%.”

Value delivered:
  • Annualised invoice processing savings of over £120,000
  • Increasing AP process efficiencies by 40%
  • Automation & centralisation to deliver greater internal controls
  • Achieved process transformation while cutting costs and complexity
Read the full case study: Wigan Council Drives Down Costs & Increases Efficiency with Invoice Capture >>
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