PROACTIS Platform Saves Billions in Corporate Spend

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today announced that its software platform, used by over 800 customers, across 90 countries worldwide is saving customers billions in monetary savings, operational efficiencies, and risk mitigation.  
PROACTIS has recently signed up some of the world’s largest brands, representing a cross-section of service-based industries – that view managing corporate spend across multiple dispersed business units, with different languages, cultures, currencies, tax regimes and IT systems – as critical to corporate performance. Examples of global companies achieving success include:
Source-to-Contract success examples:
  • $24 million savings: A 120-store supermarket chain has used the PROACTIS sourcing managed service to help save over $24million with an 18x return on investment across grocery, produce, general merchandise, equipment, supplies and other categories.
  • $300 million savings: A 200-store US grocery and general merchandise retailer has increased procurement capacity with PROACTIS managed sourcing services and achieved $200 million in savings using only one internal dedicated resource.
  • £1 million savings: A UK city council serving a population has managed to achieve £971,500 in annualised savings. The Council transformed the way it handles contracts for residential and nursing care as well as for school transport from using the PROACTIS Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).
Purchase-to-Pay success examples:
  • €1 million savings: One of Europe's commercial forestry companies implemented the PROACTIS P2P solution and saw a 45% reduction in paper invoices while 99% of payments are now made by Electronic Funds Transfer. AP administration costs have been reduced dramatically.
  • $100 million savings: A leading supplier of aggregates, ready-mixed concrete and paving services, operating across 44 states in the United States, has streamlined process controls on transactions and increased spend under management.
  • Near 100% compliance: A global provider of parts used in the power industry, oil and gas industry, and pulp and paper plants has achieved almost 100% corporate compliance of indirect purchases and supplier selections. This was despite the complexity of the company having direct employees located in 15 countries and representatives in over 60 more.
Supplier Engagement success examples:
  • £2.5 million projected savings: One of the world’s largest building material distributors with 1,500+ locations has changed the way it manages its indirect purchasing expenditure of over £200 million every year. It's anticipating savings of over £2.5 million after system costs in the first three years, simply as a result of improved governance and visibility. Meanwhile, the company has consolidated the base of over 26,000 suppliers to just over 5,000.
  • 100% visibility & reduced risk: One of the UK’s leading recycling and waste management companies has brought £280m of spend under management. The business has transformed the way it manages supplier recruitment, qualification, adoption and performance appraisal. Previously, it had 50,000 suppliers. Now, 6,300 remain and are accredited.
  • Superior customer service: A UK-based real estate investment trust with 17 million sq ft of retail space valued at over £7 billion is deploying key solutions to provide enhanced service to its customers. This is being achieved by gaining better control and governance of strategic sourcing, contract management and supplier management processes to optimise all aspects of procurement.
AP Automation success examples:
  • 300% increase in AP efficiency: A housing and social care provider, that repairs and maintains the homes of hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, has trebled the number of invoices it can process through the same sized team, thanks to PROACTIS solutions that handle invoice data capture and electronic invoicing.
  • £200,000+ savings: One of the UK's largest local authorities, processes around 135,000 invoices electronically every year. They spend around £930m each year on goods and services from 15,000 suppliers. About 40% of these transactions can be processed through its corporate eProcurement solution and the council currently receives 190,000 invoices per year.
  • 41% reduction in invoice processing costs: One of the UK’s leading independent health and social care providers introduced electronic invoicing and has seen efficiency levels increase 65% as well as a 41% reduction in processing costs. The company operates around 450 care homes and 60 hospitals and specialist care centres, handling around 310,000 invoices per year.
For more details on customer success download our Spend Control Success brochure.
“This has been another tremendously gratifying year so far for PROACTIS as we continue to see customers drive measurable and quantifiable savings from their investments,” said Simon Dadswell, Group Marketing Director of PROACTIS. “This is also testament to an incredible group of employees that place great value on understanding customers’ goals and establishing a phased approach to ensuring customers realise their vision with incremental return on the way,” added Dadswell. 
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