PROACTIS Enhances Cloud-based Marketplace for UK Higher Education and Public Sector Organisations

New Search Features Help Buyers Easily Find and Compare Products for Best Value Purchase
PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today announced immediate availability of a number of enhancements to the PROACTIS Marketplace, a PROACTIS-managed eCommerce site that acts as a single point of access for shared supplier catalogues, contracts and website punch-out connections from over 2,000 catalogue suppliers. In the past year, over (GBP) 2.7 billion in spend was transacted in the PROACTIS Marketplace.

With supplier content currently targeted primarily to the UK Higher Education and Public Sector markets, the PROACTIS Marketplace includes a wide range of suppliers covering many different categories. Buyer organisations can select any, or all suppliers, for use by their employees. Organisations can take advantage of the multitude of supplier content already available and easily apply their own terms and core lists to reflect their individual contracts and requirements, thus leveraging the Marketplace supplier community whilst retaining control.

Enhancements include extended auto-suggest, keyword matching and sort capabilities to enable faster identification of possible items for any given need. In addition, enhanced capabilities to configure ‘recommended’ items have also been added (e.g. items from a preferred supplier contract). To help buyers find and purchase items with the best value, new Alternative Codes have been added to the catalogue as well as a calculated base unit price (e.g. price for one item regardless of pack size). Using this information, search results now make it easy to compare the same or similar products from different sources to make a cost-conscious buying decision.  

The PROACTIS Marketplace is integrated with the PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) solution and can be used stand-alone by any organisation to extend their existing Procurement systems and processes. 

The PROACTIS Marketplace is part of a comprehensive content management solution suite that also includes a central electronic catalogue with full in-house and supplier self-service management capabilities, a punch-out hub for connections to supplier ecommerce websites, and stores management capabilities for access to available inventory. PROACTIS also provides optional content management services that make it even easier for organisations to offer their employees a content-rich shopping experience while leaving the procurement staff with more time for sourcing, contract management and other value-adding activities.

“Making it easy for employees to find, compare and select the item that best fits their needs from the supplier that offers the best overall value is one of the most important things organisations can do to increase both savings and staff productivity” said Claire Thompson, Product Director at PROACTIS. “Our PROACTIS Marketplace and all of the elements of our content management solution are geared toward providing the type of shopping experience employees everywhere want from their organisation’s eProcurement environment.”  
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