Spend Control & eProcurement Survey Says Public Sector Compares Well with Private Sector but Has Big Room for Improvement

In a survey summary published by PROACTIS this month, public sector organisations reported a higher level of current automation in seven of eight areas of Spend Control and eProcurement as compared with both private sector companies and not-for-profit organisations participating in the survey.  
However, the number of participating public sector organisations saying they are ‘fully automated’ in the various areas covered by the survey ranged from a surprising 0% for Contract Visibility and Management to a high of 36% for Purchase-to-Pay, with most areas being fully automated by just 7-14% of organisations.

The areas covered by the survey included: Spend Analysis, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Information Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Contract Visibility and Management, Purchase-to-Pay, Invoice Receipt and Processing, and Electronic Supplier Commerce. Public Sector organisations answering the survey report a higher average level of current automation than the other sectors in all areas except Invoice Receipt and Processing.
“Public sector organisations have increased their focus on reducing the overall cost of purchased goods and services over the past few years and it shows in this survey,” said Rod Jones, CEO, PROACTIS. “We applaud those organisations for the progress they have made, but the average level of automation is still low – especially in areas such as Supplier Relationship Management, Contract Management, Electronic Commerce and Strategic Sourcing. It’s been shown that applying eProcurement technology to these areas can drive increased savings and efficiencies while also ensuring regulatory compliance and transparency.”    
The PROACTIS report outlines results from a June 2016 survey of procurement and finance executives who registered for The Spend Control Summit held at the Emirates Stadium in London. It summarises the current state of automation across eight distinct areas of Spend Control and eProcurement Technology with breakdowns by private, not-for-profit and public sectors. It also provides a view of which of those areas organisations in each sector are focusing on for review and transformation today and over the coming year. Differences among the three sectors are compared and contrasted, and possible implications are highlighted.
Download the full report: Spend Control & eProcurement Technology Survey Summary.
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