PROACTIS to Hold Supplier Risk Management Seminar

PROACTIS, a global supplier of Spend Control and eProcurement solutions, will present a seminar in London, UK, on Supplier Risk Management, “Tackling Risk Management: How to Build an Effective Supplier Control Program.” 
The interactive morning seminar will be held at the The Law Society,1331 Chancery Lane, London on 23rd February 2016.
“In today’s complex world, supplier risk management is just as critical to your organisation’s financial health and competitive performance as your efforts to produce cost savings,” said Simon Dadswell, Global Marketing Director, PROACTIS.  “A disruption in the supply chain can not only impact customers and the bottom line, but also end up in brand-damaging headlines.”
“This means executives who want to operate successfully need a framework to collect supplier data, improve supplier visibility, manage risk, and work collaboratively with the supplychain. Supplier risk management cannot be seen as just a one-time or periodic event. It must be built into your organisation’s ongoing supplier interaction in order to be effective.”
Registration for the seminar is online at Seminar participants will learn the best practices of leading global companies in addressing supplier risk management, and specifically discover the key elements of building an effective supplier control program.
The Risk Management session will cover the following areas together with an opportunity for Q&A and networking:
  • Determination of risk & getting top management’s attention
  • Selection and classification of suppliers
  • Supplier performance and monitoring
  • Ensuring supplier visibility & responsive action
  • Supplier development
A white paper examining the challenges of supplier risk management and the key elements of an effective supplier risk management support system, “Supplier Risk Management: Do You Really Have the Right Visibility to Minimise Risk?,” will be available to all attendees. Also, visit the PROACTIS site for a detailed overview of the PROACTIS Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution.
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