PROACTIS Adds Amazon Business to its On-Demand Content

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today announced punch-out purchasing integration to Amazon Business.
Customers can now purchase goods from Amazon Business through PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay. Amazon Business provides purchasing solutions that let registered businesses and their designated associates (users) shop for business supplies on Amazon, while PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay offers the convenience of automated approvals, full electronic invoicing and line item detail on financial reports – facilitating analytics and control throughout the buying process.
With the addition of Amazon Business to PROACTIS’ On-Demand Content, customers can now choose from a wide selection of products. PROACTIS understands that enabling catalogue content is a critical factor in maximising user adoption, efficiency, and visibility and controls in the purchasing process. Yet organisations are often quite challenged to enable the range and variety of suppliers to support user requirements. With the addition of Amazon Business, PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay customers now have access to detailed product information for hundreds of millions of items, while ensuring inductive buying in accordance with their procurement rules and organisation standards.
“There is no doubt that if a procurement solution is not adopted by everyday users it will fail to control spending for the organisation. If a system presents a barrier to easy purchasing, users will find an alternative way to satisfy their business need,” said Sean McDonough, COO of PROACTIS. “With the addition of Amazon Business, we offer the most comprehensive range of on-demand content. Organisations will gain real time visibility and reporting capabilities of a greater number of low value, high volume purchase transactions. In turn, this will enable procurement to negotiate more and better contracts, improve controls and maximise spend under management.”
Claire Thompson, Product Director of PROACTIS added: “PROACTIS utilises an inductive user interface to deliver the most intuitive and compelling user experience. Each process is presented in a way that represents a real-world experience for users and can support any approved content source e.g. online catalogues, punch-outs, contracts and other third-party sources. PROACTIS leads the buyer through an assisted process and presents them with the various sources available to satisfy their need – with the option to include Amazon Business and other specific supplier websites.”
Amazon Business joins a comprehensive range of suppliers who participate in PROACTIS On-Demand Content. For a full list of suppliers, please contact your PROACTIS representative.
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