One of the World’s Largest Co-operatives Achieves Procurement Excellence with PROACTIS

One of the World’s Largest Agricultural Cooperatives, Processing, and Marketing Companies Generates Significant Financial and Operational Savings with PROACTIS Sourcing Services
One of the world’s largest agricultural cooperatives, processing, and marketing companies, has partnered with PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, to optimise the company’s procurement processes and generate significant efficiencies - both in productivity and spend.
A customer since 2014, the co-operative uses PROACTIS’ unique managed service for running sourcing events for indirect categories - many of which are complex and resource intensive, such as ocean freight. This has led to tremendous value for the organisation, including significant savings in the following categories:
  • 68.3 percent on maintenance repairs and operations
  • 68.2 percent on mobile phones and services
  • 42.8 percent on office supplies and 40 percent on specialty fiber containers
“The procurement team’s goal was to transform their processes and, in turn, the value they provide the organisation,” said Brian Miller, vice president of services at PROACTIS. “By building an internal sourcing infrastructure that equips staff with the resources they need to be more effective and efficient in their jobs, we’ve enabled them to affect change that helps drive savings opportunities and operational benefits in every corner of their organisation.”
“The returns of a full-service managed sourcing approach are evident. By making the process faster, easier and more ingrained in a business’ overall strategy, companies can maximise the value they’re delivering to both the organisation and to customers,” continued Miller. “Integrating people, processes and technology together gives teams what they need to build better supplier relationships, tackle complex categories and ensure the quality of goods, which will lead to better outcomes for all parties involved.”
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