Flintshire County Council Selects the PROACTIS Supplier Network

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today announced that Flintshire County Council (FCC) has selected the PROACTIS Supplier Network to streamline electronic communications across virtually every point of engagement throughout their supplier relationships and also offer an accelerated payment facility.
Supplier Commerce FCC and PROACTIS have entered into a Partnership Agreement that will extend the current contracted relationship for the provision of the PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay and Source-to-Contract suite for a further five years to March 2021 and also to utilise the PROACTIS Supplier Network

Electronic Commerce
  • Online PO posting and acknowledgement to streamline communication of purchase transactions between buyers and their suppliers
  • Electronic invoice file transfer and online invoice submission to streamline invoice handling for both suppliers and buyers
  • Self-service account status enquiry to provide 24x7 visibility of invoice payment status
  • Accelerated payment financing to provide suppliers with the option for early payment while providing buying organisations with the option for discount participation 
Buyer-Supplier Interaction
  • Online supplier registration to make it easy for suppliers to respond to buyer invitations and/or proactively make themselves visible to a broader buyer community
  • Self-service supplier profile management to make it easy for suppliers to keep general company and offering information complete and up-to-date
  • Online RFx posting  and response submission and online auction access to make it easy for buyers to manage sourcing events and for suppliers to respond 
  • Online contract visibility helps buyers and suppliers stay in sync with their view of contract status, expiration, attached documents and more
  • Self-service supplier catalogue management to make it easy for suppliers to keep offerings up-to-date and visible to buyer organisations
  • Pre-enabled eCommerce connections to make it easy for buyers to incorporate sites such as and the PROACTIS Marketplace into their purchase-to-pay environment
FCC has over 4,000 suppliers and has annual bought-in spend of approximately £130 million.
Leader of Flintshire County Council and Cabinet Member of Finance, Aaron Shotton, said: 
“The existing PROACTIS solution has already delivered tangible savings for FCC. The extension of the current contractual arrangements and the deployment of the new technology is testament to our valued and successful working relationship.  We are very excited about adopting The PROACTIS Supplier Network as it provides a wide range of electronic connectivity options to streamline just about every aspect of our supplier relationships.  Wed look forward to realising the considerable benefits including streamlining our procurement and payment processes into a highly effective ‘savings-generating engine’. In addition, suppliers will benefit from being able to streamline the way they do business with FCC while opening up new opportunities to expand sales with both FCC and new customers.”
Rod Jones, Chief Executive at PROACTIS, commented:
“FCC is a long standing and valued client with a forward thinking attitude to the use of technology to improve the efficiency of its supplier interaction. The PROACTIS Supplier Network will provide a frictionless method of communication that enables FCC and its suppliers to streamline business processes, improve information quality, and reduce administrative costs. Simply stated, it will make it much faster, easier and more cost effective for FCC and suppliers to do business with each other. capabilities. I’m absolutely delighted that FCC has re-committed to PROACTIS’ technology for a further five years and is supporting our strategic objectives.”
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