PROACTIS Invests £1.5m in its Cloud Services

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today announced an increased investment of £1.5m in its cloud services delivered by Redcentric. The contract is part of PROACTIS’ strategy to support enterprise-class cloud hosting capabilities with local onshore services that enable customers to achieve greater bottom-line value.
“PROACTIS has been investing in the software, services, and partners required to deliver enterprise-class spend control and eProcurement solutions via the cloud for quite some time,” said Nick Lowther, Director of Operations, PROACTIS. “This announcement complements and extends PROACTIS’ existing cloud services – systems infrastructure (i.e. all the required servers, operating systems, storage, networking, firewalls, etc.), data centre security, disaster recovery, and business continuity – all as a single point of contact service.
“It will also enable PROACTIS customers to rapidly scale their software requirements as and when required. We can deliver a cloud-based deployment service with extremely high service levels, while also enabling customers to reduce capital expenditures and total cost of ownership, accelerate deployment, and even reduce their organisation’s carbon footprint.”
Cloud computing has redefined spend control and eProcurement processes as well as the way in which the supporting software is licensed, deployed and managed. PROACTIS is at the forefront of leveraging the cloud to accelerate results, simplify the implementation and management of solutions and improve customers’ ability to achieve the controls, efficiencies, and ROI they are looking for from their spend control programs.
Fraser Fisher, COO Redcentric added. “PROACTIS has led from the front in the provision of eProcurement software in the cloud and we are delighted to be part of this continued leadership. The increased investment in Redcentric as the home for PROACTIS cloud solutions underlines the quality of our centre, personnel and supporting infrastructure. We pride ourselves in delivering innovative technology to improve business productivity and efficiency – especially for organisations with ambitious cloud strategies.”
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