The City of Cardiff Council Awarded Best Public Sector Procurement Project & Delivers £800k Savings

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, has named the City of Cardiff Council as winners of their Best Public Sector Procurement Project 2014 for the procurement of Home to School Passenger Transport services.

The City of Cardiff Council implemented the PROACTIS Source-to-Contract system in June 2014 to manage all sourcing and contract management activity, to not only reduce costs, but also to deploy standardised processes and automation to increase “transparency, visibility and fairness” amongst the marketplace.

One of its first major uses was to enable the creation of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and to run an eAuction programme for Passenger Transport services. Over 60 local suppliers have registered and the creation of the DPS allows for suppliers to apply to join one of the four lots under the DPS at any time. All home to school transport routes were run through PROACTIS as tender exercises, resulting in £588k annualised savings*.

“PROACTIS automates our sourcing events from reverse auctions to complex multi-stage negotiations and enables us to realise the best value, not just the best price, from our local supply base by factoring cost, risk, and performance drivers into decision-making,” said Steve Robinson, Head of Commissioning and Procurement at City of Cardiff Council. “We have achieved a balance between making it easy for users to consistently adhere to the agreed policy and allowing flexibility to handle any complex project or service-user requirements.”

In addition the City of Cardiff Council is also using PROACTIS to secure Residential and Nursing packages for older people/mental health services for older people. Having carefully considered existing processes and alternative technology providers a project was launched on PROACTIS mid-August to perform the sourcing task. Within three months, over 100 providers have been registered on a Dynamic Approved Provider List (DAPL), 170 opportunities issued to the market, and resulted in £230k annualised savings*.

“PROACTIS greatly improves the social care experience for staff by simplifying and automating processes in place,” said Siân Walker, Director of Health and Social Care at City of Cardiff Council. “Social workers are released from administrative duties to concentrate on service delivery. PROACTIS also greatly enhances communication between staff, providers, clients and families thereby allowing us to demonstrate greater transparency, visibility and fairness.”

*Savings calculated by comparing average bids in PROACTIS received vs. lowest bid (City of Cardiff Council contribution).

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