Anchor Drives Back Office Process Automation with UNIT4’s Invoice4 Managed Service, Powered by Intelligent Capture

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, and global enterprise software provider UNIT4, today announced that Anchor, England’s largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care to older people, has adopted Unit4's Invoice4 Accounts Payable managed service. 

The service, powered by Intelligent Capture, the recently acquired PROACTIS Group Company, will be pivotal in supporting the drive towards a highly efficient and automated Accounts Payable operation at the organisations central offices in Bradford.

Invoice4 allows all suppliers to send paper or PDF invoices directly to the managed service. Upon receipt the paper invoices will be opened, prepared and scanned with leading data capture technologies extracting relevant information. PDF invoices will be automatically extracted from emails and will have data extracted through the same, single solution. Extracted invoice data will be cleansed for accuracy, any issues will be resolved through the dedicated exception process by Anchor and all validated invoices will be imported into UNIT4 Agresso, the existing Anchor ERP solution, where the purchase invoices are imported for automated invoice matching and/or workflow approval.
With UNIT4’s Invoice4, Anchor benefits from substantial process efficiencies, only being involved in the exception resolution, matching or approval of the invoices, without allocating time to the typically manual, error prone process of getting the purchase invoices into the UNIT4 Agresso solution. From day one Anchor will receive invoices electronically with the service converting paper and PDF invoices into electronic transactions, which are ready for further processing.

“Our belief is that we can drive down costs significantly through a combination of process automation, best practice processing and meeting key performance indicators, commented  Sarah Jones, Director of Finance at Anchor. “Having looked at the options with Invoice4 and with input from UNIT4 and Intelligent Capture, we agreed that the managed service solution would be optimal for us, allowing the service to focus on the receipt and transformation of all our invoices while our own team focus on the downstream process of invoice matching and approval.”
The Invoice4 Managed Service is an award-winning, fully managed service, powered by UNIT4 strategic partner Intelligent Capture. The Invoice4 solution is modular and available as a fully managed service or deployed solution to UNIT4 customers. The key strengths of the solution and service being its low-risk, integrated functionality, creating a unique solution and service for UNIT4 customers as a result of the long-term, close working partnership of UNIT4 and Intelligent Capture. 
“Anchor has a strong focus on driving efficiency and cost reduction, so having evaluated all of the options I am delighted that the team has selected our managed service,” commented Ilija Ugrinic, Commercial Director at Intelligent Capture. “The mantra of the managed service is to work as a trusted partner with all of our customers; in effect we become an extended element of the Accounts Payable team at Anchor and are looking forward to working with them closely.”

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