Intesource, a PROACTIS Company, Featured in Forbes

Intesource, a PROACTIS company, has been featured in the Forbes article: Summer Break: Procurement's Day in the Sun which discusses the changes that have occurred in the supply chain function over recent years. Specifically, it references research conducted by Intesource providing eSourcing services specialising in the grocery, retail and restaurant markets. 
In its survey of sourcing, supply chain and procurement professionals, Intesource found that 62% of respondents directly and positively attributed their company’s financial performance (i.e. profitability through cash flow and available investment capital) to their respective strategic sourcing effectiveness.
“Organisations have been talking about how to leverage procurement to drive financial performance and business value for some time now, and many companies are seeing the fruits of their labour,” said Brian Miller, Intesource’s VP of Services.
Along those same lines, of those surveyed, 58% said that their sourcing strategy directly impacts how they manage (reduce) their capital expenditures; with another 46% reporting that their company’s sourcing effectiveness/mind-set resulted in the uncovering of funds that were being invested in strategic company initiatives.
Added Miller, “the demand for supplier transparency and high-quality, responsibly-sourced offerings has never been higher. Cost containment will always remain a key sourcing objective, but today, it’s equally important that a company can find and retain reliable and reputable sources of supply. How and where a product gets made can have far-reaching implications on an organisation’s sales effectiveness and brand reputation.”
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