London Borough of Harrow Signs a Three-year Contract for EGS Invoicing

‚ÄčPROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today announced that The London Borough of Harrow has signed a three-year contract for EGS Invoicing to cut costs and improve invoice processing efficiency.
PROACTIS acquired the EGS cloud-based invoicing solution from EGS Group Limited early this year, to further strengthen its leading position in the UK Public Sector which now consists of approximately 200 Public Sector organisations controlling over £15bn of public spending across 150,000+ suppliers.

EGS Invoicing will enable The London Borough of Harrow to receive any type of invoice electronically, with accurate processing data, at line level, delivered straight into their SAP finance/ERP system, validated against the purchase order.

The Borough will use several different methods of invoice capture, with the goal of reducing the percentage that need to be manually entered over time. This will reduce time and resource-intensive invoice capture and processing, and eliminate errors that can distort financial and procurement information over-time.

The result will be the processing of all invoices in a common, electronic manner, ensuring as many invoices as possible can be processed "straight through" with little or no need for human intervention, and to make the communication required for exception handling as fast and clear as possible.
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