Public Sector Survey: Lack of Resources Holding Back Progress In Spite of Management Priorities

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today released results of a new survey that clearly shows that lack of resources and procurement capacity is holding back public sector progress in spite of management priorities. The survey was conducted in Westminster, London at a recent PROACTIS Public Sector Seminar: "Transforming Finance & Procurement through Automation".

A copy of the survey findings as an infographic is available to download.

According to the results of the survey "reducing complexity and bureaucracy" was rated by 64% of responders as a high management priority. However, "lack of resources/capacity" was rated the highest 'perceived' challenge for achieving change, followed by "budget/cost", and "no organisational strategy for process automation".

"If no money is available to increase resources, greater capacity can only be achieved through efficiency. Centralising some functions may reduce duplication, devolving other activities may increase capacity, while automation technologies offer opportunities to do more in the procurement process," said Simon Dadswell, Marketing Director, PROACTIS.

"The application of new technologies can improve what procurement operations can achieve. However, there is no room for the slow-moving IT of the past that adds little short-term value to management priorities. Organisations must target quick-wins and eliminate unnecessary complexity and bureaucracy."
Spend Control and eProcurement objectives rated as high importance include: "cashable and efficiency savings", "process improvement - visibility, control, transparency", "governance and compliance", and "risk mitigation".

Public Sector Survey: Transforming Finance & Procurement through Automation

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