PROACTIS Announces Agreement to Acquire EGS Group Limited

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider is delighted to announce that it has today agreed to acquire EGS Group Limited ("EGS"), the well-respected competitive eProcurement, eInvoicing, workflow and Purchase-to-Pay solution provider, largely for the UK Public Sector.
The acquisition will further strengthen PROACTIS' leading position in the market which currently includes over 350 clients across 90 countries worldwide.  In particular, the enlarged Group will be the only credible independent Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider to the UK Public Sector with approximately 200 Public Sector organisations controlling over £15bn of public spending across 150,000+ suppliers.  In addition, PROACTIS' expertise in commercial markets can drive forward EGS' relatively early stage penetration of this sector.

The PROACTIS acquisition of EGS will deliver unparalleled scale and capabilities that, in particular, will enable the UK Public Sector to meet the policy and commercial requirements for best value and, ultimately, redirect time and money back to the core task of providing frontline services.  The joint customer list ranges from central government agencies and mid-sized companies in just about every industry sector; a variety of local governments and authorities; and charities focused on many different causes.  This includes Department for International Development (DFID), Essex County Council, Scottish Borders Council, Peabody Trust, Origin Group, University of Birmingham, Newcastle University, University of Bristol, Kingston NHS Trust and West Yorkshire Police.

All of EGS' customers in both the Public Sector and commercial sector will have access to a truly "end-to-end" suite of Source-to-Contract and Pay solutions that is necessary for organisations to make Spend Control processes feasible on a large scale.

PROACTIS is committed to the long term relationships that EGS has established and will continue to support those relationships through their current contracts and beyond.  Customers that have deployed EGS' solutions will continue to operate those existing solutions and they will now all have access to the broader capability of the PROACTIS solution suite.

Rod Jones, CEO of PROACTIS, commented: "EGS' substantial expertise as a competitive eProcurement solution provider, allied with the complementary nature of PROACTIS' expertise and complete end-to-end suite of integrated solutions, means that customers can look forward to the delivery of even more robust and broad solutions that they can leverage to support their operations, enhance procurement effectiveness and extend collaboration with their suppliers."

Adrian Gibson, Managing Director of EGS, will be working with the PROACTIS senior management team, leading the integration process for EGS and managing communications with all of EGS' stakeholders.
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