PROACTIS Surpasses Milestone of Over 400 Customers as Largest Independent eProcurement Provider

PROACTIS, the global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today announced over 400 organisations have adopted its End-to-End eProcurement platform. PROACTIS is now the largest independent Spend Control and eProcurement provider, based on absolute customer count.
Since the launch of End-to-End Spend Control from PROACTIS in 2010, rapid adoption has been driven by the availability of an integrated single-author software platform of Source-to-Contract functions and Purchase-to-Pay controls, which is now being used by over 400 organisations across 90 countries worldwide.

Simon Dadswell, Marketing Director at PROACTIS said: "Our End-to-End platform launch in 2010 marked a new era for organisations, allowing Procurement and Finance teams to manage all spend and all suppliers in a single cloud-based software solution."

"We're incredibly proud of being the first independent solution provider to bring End-to-End Spend Control to organisations and, in just over four years, exceeding the 400 customer milestone. We continue to have particular success in helping customers manage business processes that are outside the realm of ERP and Finance systems to automate, streamline and standardise the many different activities involved in Spend Control."

PROACTIS manages all the key elements of Spend Control:
  • Strategic sourcing and contract management processes that ensure maximum value and cost savings
  • Supplier management processes that ensure a smooth flow of goods and services while minimising any possible risk to the organisation
  • Management of daily purchase activity in a way that enables employees to get what they need to do their job as quickly as possible, while at the same time ensuring their purchases are properly authorised, and that they are buying from preferred suppliers against established contracts wherever possible
  • Efficient invoice processing that reduces the cost of Accounts Payable operations while ensuring only valid invoices are paid; and that results in timely supplier payment that takes maximum advantage of desirable payment discount terms
  • Spend visibility that provides the information to keep everything on track and identify incremental opportunities for additional cost savings
Organisations using PROACTIS range from global Fortune 100 companies, central government agencies, and national associations; to mid-sized companies in just about every industry, a variety of local governments and authorities; and charities focused on many different causes.

Some organisations using PROACTIS have many locations and business units spread across multiple countries; others operate within a single building. Some use it as a shared-service across multiple operations; others as part of their overall service to clients; others to provide outsourced procurement services to other companies.

"One thing every organisation using PROACTIS has in common is that they are using it to reduce costs, improve financial control and mitigate supplier risk," continued Dadswell
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