PROACTIS Reseller UXC Eclipse to Help APSC Boost Efficiencies

PROACTIS, a leading Spend Control and eProcurement provider, today announced the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) has chosen PROACTIS reseller, UXC Eclipse for their PROACTIS and Sharperlight solutions. UXC Eclipse is a leading business intelligent solutions provider to the enterprise and mid-markets across Australasia.
The APSC performs a number of statutory functions, including facilitating continuous improvement in workforce management in the Australian Public Service (APS) and contribute to leadership, high quality learning and development and career management in the APS.

One of the ways it achieves this is to assist the APS to procure products and services through its Panel Services function in partnership with industry suppliers. Panel Services establish 'Panels' which are standing offer arrangements with private sector suppliers to deliver services to government agencies. Panel Services acts as a broker between the agencies and suppliers to assist agencies in achieving value for money solutions to meet their capability development needs.

APSC expects that PROACTIS will provide the framework of sourcing, contract and supplier management software solutions to streamline their Panel Services function resulting in improved service and efficiencies to many APS agencies.   Panel Services wished to alleviate duplicate data records, eliminate manual tasks, and boost transparency across all contract management activities.

PROACTIS will enable APSC to build and maintain a strong supplier base by structuring and streamlining the Supplier/Agency lifecycle - from recruitment, through qualification, on-boarding, and performance appraisal. It will provide a central repository for all of the Panel Arrangement Data, Supplier Deeds, Agency contracts and Orders for Service to monitor contract dates and other key criteria. In addition, PROACTIS will assist APSC structure, standardise and streamline the sourcing process, from requirements specification to electronic document publishing, response scoring, and notifications.

All PROACTIS procurement applications are built on a cloud-based framework to support geographically dispersed Agencies and will be delivered with a broad range of self-service online supplier capabilities and will integrate with APSC's SAP finance system to streamline the Panel Services billing process.
PROACTIS procurement applications will facilitate effective collaboration among departments, procurement teams, and suppliers to find the best, most cost-effective goods and services. They will help minimise supplier-related risk and maintain strong supplier relationships by standardising the supplier selection, review and communication processes.

As part of the solution APSC will also be implementing the business intelligence tool, Sharperlight, as part of their project with UXC Eclipse. Sharperlight provides both real-time reporting across the sourcing to contract solution and a central search engine for the panel arrangement service capabilities.

APSC is hosting the solutions at the UXC Eclipse provided Data Centre. This provides APSC with a fully managed, cost effective, best practice ISO certified hosting facility with a wide range of high redundancy features including full back-up and recovery, 24x7 support services and pro-active consulting.
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