PROACTIS Details Mobile Strategy, Launches New eProcurement App

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement provider, today announced details of its eProcurement mobile app development platform as well as the availability of a new mobile app, Deputy User.
PROACTIS CONNECT is the company's new foundation for mobile application delivery that utilises existing PROACTIS architecture for fast-tracking future eProcurement applications. CONNECT is built on top of the company's integration framework allowing the mobile applications to tie into the PROACTIS suite of Source-to-Contract and Purchase-to-Pay applications.

"In developing CONNECT, PROACTIS demonstrates its commitment to the PROACTIS user base by creating mobile-centric applications and capabilities that they will find invaluable," said Rod Jones, CEO of PROACTIS. "PROACTIS mobile apps will operate like true native apps, work across the PROACTIS software suite and be familiar in their usage to existing tablet and phone apps for iOS and Android".

The first app to be available in iStore this month is Deputy User. Users of PROACTIS can download the "lite app" as a native iOS application, with a native Android version coming next month.

PROACTIS mobile strategy includes the targeting of distinct processes that can benefit from mobile technology to streamline internal procurement and boost productivity. "As an example, the next app will be Authorisation. It will allow managers a faster way to approve on the go. On-device notifications and simple approve or reject tasks will speed decision-making and cut approval waiting times," continued Jones.

The CONNECT architecture will allow PROACTIS to innovate and create mobile-friendly apps to complement the use of its existing cloud-based Source-to-Contract and Purchase-to-Pay applications. PROACTIS will be announcing additional mobile apps later in the year.
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