PROACTIS Leads Masterclass on eSourcing & Contract Management

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today announced it will lead a Procurement Masterclass on eSourcing and Contract Management. The seminar will take place on 19 June in London. The day is specifically focused on tools, processes and technologies that empower organisations by providing more visibility and transparency into specific procurement issues (i.e. leverage of purchase power and gaining valuable insight into off-contract or "maverick spending").
The Masterclass will explain how procurement applications facilitate effective collaboration among departments, procurement teams, and suppliers to find the best, most cost-effective solutions to meet their needs. In particular it will look at best practice in eSourcing and Contract Management.
  • eSourcing delivers significant savings by streamlining the on-going procurement of goods and services. Initiatives begin with gathering spend data, determining service level requirements, and issuing requests for information, proposals and quotations.
  • Contract Management is the process of ensuring that the goods and services bought are delivered to the correct locations at the contracted time, at the contracted price, and the contracted level of quality. This type of oversight also allows organisations to prevent maverick spending as well as coordinate supply contracts across the entire organisation.
Simon Dadswell, Marketing Director at PROACTIS said: "The Masterclass will explain how Spend Control and eProcurement initiatives can reduce or eliminate offline/ unorganised methods, localised decision making and non-repeatable processes."

For more information about the Masterclass, please visit the Events page on our website.
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