Local Authorities Achieve Over £2.2m Process Efficiency Savings with PROACTIS Integrated End-to-End eProcurement

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today congratulated Denbighshire and Flintshire County Councils on achieving over £2.2 million process efficiency savings* through collaboration on eProcurement initiatives and implementation of PROACTIS integrated end-to-end eProcurement suite. A further £1.3 million cashable efficiency savings has been achieved from eSourcing and eAuctions in respect of Public and School Transport.
In order to deliver efficiencies against the Medium Term Financial Strategies both Councils have adopted a best-of-class approach to eProcurement applications. This has included the extensive range of modular Source-to-Contract and Purchase-to-Pay software solutions from PROACTIS. In addition, adoption and integration into national collaborative eProcurement initiatives and an incremental programme of moving away from silo systems has enabled the authorities to standardise procurement processes.

In particular, the integration of PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay with Source-to-Contract and also the authorities existing Infor Masterpiece finance systems is delivering many benefits, for example:
  • Supplier pricing schedules in tenders can be automatically converted into supplier catalogues and made available in Purchase-to-Pay to increase contract compliance
  • Automatic generation of Purchase Orders from eSourcing events ensures budgetary commitments are made visible in both Purchase-to-Pay and the finance systems
  • History of payment details within Purchase-to-Pay can be viewed and tracked against individual contract records within eSourcing
  • Contract variations can be managed and approved through workflow, which then allows the amendment of the original Purchase Orders in order to reflect commitments against budget
  • Requisitions for non-contracted requirements can be routed to generate automated eSourcing events and enable buyers to seek best value for money while ensure compliance.
The roll out of PROACTIS across 200 individual service departments and 160 schools, as well as interfacing to existing operational systems is integral to ensure efficiency targets are achieved.

"This is an innovative project by the Councils and we are delighted to be involved," said Simon Dadswell, Marketing Director at PROACTIS. "PROACTIS integrated end-to-end eProcurement suite comes with many benefits that include improved process efficiency, increased organisational effectiveness, greater collaboration with suppliers, and optimal control over demand and spend. This makes it the ideal solution for local authorities as the cuts begin to bite."

For more information about the procurement transformation at Denbighshire and Flintshire County Councils click here.

* Process savings to date based on National Audit Office efficiencies endorsed by Wales Audit Office and Value Wales. Further local metrics will be calculated in due course.
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