PROACTIS Launches Self-Assessment for Finance, Procurement & Senior Managers

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement specialist, today announced it has created a series of online self-assessments to help Finance, Procurement and Senior Managers assess the health of their Spend Control processes. In particular, to ensure an organisation's Source-to-Contract and Purchase-to-Pay processes are operating effectively and efficiently; and most importantly, in integration with each other.
Source-to-Contract Assessment: Review the efficiency in which Procurement and cross functional teams find, qualify and manage a strong supplier base; perform frequent sourcing events; keep close track of contracts and maintain access to supplier catalogues and websites. Through this process, savings opportunities can be created and made available to the organisation.

Purchase-to-Pay Assessment: Review the systems framework that makes it easy for the organisation to get the goods and services it needs using suppliers and agreements established in the Source-to-Contract cycle, and to do so while complying with established authorisation policies. And, identify whether purchases are properly coded and categorised, and managers have full visibility of purchase activity.
The campaign includes a series of "hands on" self-assessments that enable executives to quickly break down each of the key areas required for effective Spend Control into the management issues and activities that are most important.

You can:
  • Evaluate your organisation on a spectrum of maturity levels for each issue or activity
  • Determine your overall level of development per function
  • Identify the key issues you are currently experiencing based on your level of development
  • Review the key elements of the process and indicate how well your organisation is performing
See how your organisation's processes stack up…Take a 10-minute self-assessment on one or more Spend Control competencies. Click here
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