Case Study: Modernisation of National Procurement System

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today announced the Government of Barbados has implemented the PROACTIS suite of integrated Source-to-Contract solutions to facilitate the management of its strategic procurement processes.
The Government of Barbados received support from the American Development Bank for the Special Projects Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs to execute the modernisation of Barbados National Procurement System. The overall objective was to improve the effectiveness of public procurement, save money through competitive prices and reduce process time, while ensuring the transparency and integrity of procurement activities.

As part of the modernisation program, the Government of Barbados was looking for a commercial off-the-shelf eProcurement system to support the needs of the Central Purchasing Department and wider Government ministries and departments. In particular, to ensure more efficient procurement of common goods and services to enable greater economies of scale, support for decentralised procurement of specialised goods and services carried out by the ministries and departments; and the standardisation of various aspects of the procurement process carried out by public entities to increase transparency and accountability.

PROACTIS was one of the few software companies that could deliver a government-wide eProcurement solution to facilitate the management of strategic procurement processes the Government of Barbados was looking for. In particular, PROACTIS demonstrated proven integration with the Government's SmartStream finance and ERP system.

In just five months, the Government of Barbados developed a national supplier master file and implemented the PROACTIS suite of integrated Source-to-Contract solutions to support and facilitate the modernisation of the Central Purchasing Department's processes. Other results include:
  • Created central repository for all suppliers with up-to-date supplier information and business intelligence
  • Created central library of standard procurement documentation and standard processes
  • Streamlined supplier qualification with automated creation and scoring of supplier questionnaires
  • Created central electronic repository for all supplier contracts with links to SmartStream finance system
  • Removed inefficient and time-consuming paper-based activities
  • Achieved greater compliance and adoption of international best practices in procurement
"With the implementation of PROACTIS, the Government's processes will become more transparent and accountable. It is leading to the removal of inefficient and time-consuming activities, promotion of greater competition among bidding companies, greater compliance and adoption of international best practices in procurement." Margaret Sivers, Permanent Secretary, Acting, Special  Projects Unit, Ministry of Finance of the Government of Barbados.
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