Preliminary Results for the Year to 31 July 2012

PROACTIS Holdings PLC ("PROACTIS", the "Group" or the "Company"), the global Spend Control & eProcurement solution provider, announces its preliminary results for the year to 31 July 2012.
  • Reported revenue £7.5m (2011: £6.2m)
  • Operating profit £0.1m (2011: loss £0.6m)
  • Total Initial Contract Value signed on 28 new deals of £3.5m (2011: £2.6m on 30 new deals) with £1.7m (2011: £0.9m) recognised in the year
  • Annualised visible revenue increased to £5.1m (68% of reported revenue) (2011: £4.3m; 68%)
  • Total contracted but not recognised multi-year revenue increased to £5.1m (2011: £3.8m)
  • Cash at 31 July 2012 £2.7m (2011: £2.1m), the Group is debt free
  • Earnings per share 0.5p (2011: loss per share 1.8p)
  • Dividend of 0.75p per share (2011: 0.55p)Highlights:
Rod Jones, CEO of PROACTIS commented: "PROACTIS has significantly increased its revenues in continued difficult market conditions. It has returned to profitability and the level of cash generation has been strong. It continues to progress with its transition to a blended SaaS/Perpetual business model and has further improved its visibility over future revenue. The Board is confident that the Group is well placed to deliver growth for the foreseeable future."
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