Kingston NHS Trust to Maximise Savings Using PROACTIS Cloud eProcurement

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, today announced an agreement with Kingston Hospital NHS Trust to implement PROACTIS suite of cloud eProcurement solutions for strategic sourcing and contract management, supplier management, management of daily purchase activity, invoice processing and spend visibility across the Trust. The solution will support the Trust's transformation and efficiency agenda and is expected to help deliver the Trust's non-pay savings targets.
"The Trust has a strong reputation for delivering high quality healthcare, which is responsive to the individual needs of its patients and delivered in a manner that maximises value for money," said Simon Milligan, Director of Finance, at Kingston Hospital NHS Trust. "The Finance and Procurement Departments aim to support this commitment by providing a transparent and streamlined purchasing, receipting, invoicing and financial management process, facilitated by modern technology and best-practice."

The project, which will see the Trust maximise automation and the use of electronic exchange of information and therefore minimise the level of transaction processing and human intervention, will enable improved financial controls and procurement effectiveness:
  • PROACTIS procurement solutions will provide a framework of sourcing, contract, catalogue, and supplier management capabilities that will enable the Trust to leverage their organisations full buying power, gain best value agreements, and maximise the percentage of "spend under management" across all categories of spend.
  • PROACTIS purchase-to-pay solutions will automate and streamline the entire day-to-day buying process, from request through authorisation, ordering, invoice processing, and payment via Accounts Payable. It will provide the linkages between staff, internal systems, and suppliers that leverage the agreements and contracts established by Procurement.
The Trust has a total non-payroll spend of £58m, develops and manages agreements with more than 2,000 suppliers and processes 49,000 invoices annually.

Simon Dadswell, Marketing Director for PROACTIS said, "This agreement demonstrates that PROACTIS solutions combine the full range of capabilities NHS Trusts need to streamline the entire procurement, purchasing and payment authorisation process with the intuitive, easy-to-use design needed for organisation-wide adoption. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Kingston Hospital NHS Trust to support their transformation and efficiency agenda."

Rod Jones, CEO for PROACTIS pointed out the significance of the project, "The pressure to reduce spending and operate more efficiently is at an all-time high - and will not abate. It presents an opportunity for reflection, innovation and major system transformation. We believe Public Sector organisations can dramatically improve the way they operate by instituting proven best practices, streamlining business processes, and improving financial controls. This project will pave the way for other NHS Trusts in the UK to reduce costs and ensure best value."
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