CPO Guide to Spend Control: Tools, KPIs & Business Case

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement provider, today published a 3-part series on "Spend Under Management" designed to provide insights that help an organisation's Champion for Spend Control address some of their primary challenges:
  1. Build a common understanding of what needs to be done to gain true Spend Control
  2. Define the business case for taking action
  3. Establish a practical way to manage, measure and improve each of the many activities required in order to drive towards the objectives
  4. Identify where to start and a sequence of steps that self-fund the effort
"The guides will appeal to those executives looking at the overall process by which their organisation manages what it spends" said Simon Dadswell, Marketing Director of PROACTIS. "It offers a framework to help identify, execute and monitor performance of the key activities used to obtain best value for the goods and services an organisation purchases. It also identifies the role modern eProcurement systems play in enabling an organisation to 'create' savings opportunities in the Source-to-Contract cycle, and then 'capture' those savings through an integrated Purchase-to-Pay cycle."

In this first paper, titled Spend Under Management: Take a Broader View of Enterprise Spend Control PROACTIS outlines a more useful view of Spend Under Management that goes beyond the traditional procurement-centric use of the term to encompass an organisation-wide Spend Control process that targets maximum bottom-line results.
In this second paper, titled Spend Under Management: Key Process Indicators (KPI's) to Guide Your Journey PROACTIS identifies approximately 50 KPIs that Procurement, Finance and other senior managers can use to monitor and improve each of the individual activities required to gain a high level of true Spend Under Management.
In this third paper, Spend Under Management: The Business Case for eProcurement Systems PROACTIS identifies the key elements of the business case for investment in the eProcurement solutions that provide the Spend Control framework needed to increase the level of Spend Under Management.
The full range of guides in the Spend Under Management series are available to download.
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