PROACTIS to Help Organisations Extract Savings through Effective Tail-Spend Management

News Facts
  • Significant savings can be realised from greater focus on tail-spend by applying a professional, methodical approach; and using the right combination of eProcurement technology combined with appropriate outsources and/or managed services.
  • "Tail Spend Management Extract Savings from the Most Fragmented 20% of Spend", is a free seminar hosted by PROACTIS, the Spend Control and eProcurement specialist, on 12 June in London that will uncover the real cost and savings opportunity.
  • "For a typical organisation, 5% savings on tail-spend can be equivalent of a 10% increase in net profit," said Simon Dadswell, Marketing Director, PROACTIS. "Allowing your organisation to spend the tail-end of total expenditure with little or no sourcing support, and with little focus on the large number of invoices involved, results in paying higher prices and burdening Finance with a larger workload."
  • This morning seminar will explain how organisations can identify a quick-win strategy of consolidation, aggregation, and streamlining. This includes filtering and reclassifying tail-spend so that appropriate strategies can be employed for each category to achieve:
  • Noticeable cost savings
  • Better visibility of where money is spent
  • A reduction in maverick and off-contract buying
  • A sizable cut in the number of invoices that need processing
  • A reduction in the time needed to manage suppliers
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