PROACTIS Expands Operations in Australia with Kinetic Information Systems

PROACTIS, the specialist in Spend Control and eProcurement, today announced a partnership with Kinetic Information Systems. Under this agreement Kinetic will resell PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement solutions as an integrated part of its information systems suite in Australia. Using the PROACTIS Spend Control technology, customers will improve their operational and financial performance by improving the way they buy all types of goods and services.
"I am delighted to be able to announce the expansion of our partnerships in Australia with Kinetic Information Systems." said Paul Waylett, CEO, PROACTIS APAC. "APAC is an important market for PROACTIS and we have ambitious expansion plans for the region. Increasing demand for Spend Control and eProcurement is driving PROACTIS to expand its partner network. This announcement follows a recent PROACTIS client win in the region: the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service."

Scott Graham, Director at Kinetic, endorsed PROACTIS' reputation as a leader in Spend Control and eProcurement solutions: "The flexibility that enables PROACTIS solutions to be easily adopted by staff and suppliers and also to be configured to support a multi-location, multi-business unit organisation inherently makes it suitable for the Australian market. Organisations are facing increasing market pressures and PROACTIS is highly adaptable to change. It also means that customers who wish to implement a Spend Control and eProcurement solution can consider PROACTIS' applications in the knowledge that their existing IT infrastructure will not be disrupted."

Paul Waylett concluded, "Global availability is a very important part of PROACTIS' philosophy of supporting organisations' Spend Control processes; especially across geographically dispersed locations, multiple business units, or operations in multiple countries. Business decisions should never be constrained by technical infrastructure and these organisations have special challenges that go beyond those of a simpler environment. PROACTIS is dedicated in supporting resellers, like Kinetic, who have significant domain experience to meet demand for these solutions.
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