PROACTIS Offers Trade-in Program for Ariba Spend Management Applications Following SAP Deal

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, announces a limited time trade-in program for current users of Ariba spend management applications.
With this program, organisations will receive a 50% credit towards first year subscription fees when they license PROACTIS applications equivalent to Ariba applications they are using today. The offer applies to PROACTIS Source-to-Contract solutions, including supplier managementsourcing, contract management and content management, as well as PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay solutions, including purchasinginvoice receipt,invoice matching, and employee expenses. The credit can be applied to either cloud-based or on-premise deployment.

"This program is intended to make it easier for Ariba customers who do not want to become part of the SAP ecosystem to move to an ERP-neutral spend management suite that is equivalent in scope to what they have with Ariba," said Rod Jones, PROACTIS CEO. "We fully recognise that technology is only one factor in an organisation's many considerations for implementing their spend management program, but our intention is to eliminate at least that issue for those who know they want to get on a different track as soon as practical."

"We feel that many organisations will be surprised when they see the breadth and depth, flexibility, and ease of use of the PROACTIS Spend Control suite. They may also be surprised to learn how many other organisations have already deployed PROACTIS around the world, and how broadly adopted PROACTIS is within those organisations. And we know that, even after the initial credits, they will find that the total cost of ownership, of an equivalent PROACTIS solution is much lower than it is with Ariba."

"This program will be especially appealing to organisations whose primary focus is on putting in place enterprise-wide spend management processes, as opposed to those whose main focus is on just the Ariba trading network," added Jones.

To discuss how PROACTIS can address your specific situation and goals, contact PROACTIS.
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