PROACTIS Partners with OCG to Manage Commodity Tail-Spend

News Facts

PROACTIS, the specialist in Spend Control and eProcurement, today announced a new partnership with Office Canopy Group (OCG), a specialist in commodity spend focused on delivering significant savings via a unique combination of technology-aided procurement practices, category management expertise and a disruptive supply approach.
The service from OCG supports procurement of non-strategic, commodity item expenditure, including: stationery, paper, promotional items, work wear, office furniture, catering and janitorial, workplace environment, business machines and print services.

For most organisations, these categories represent tens of thousands of individual items creating a high volume of low value transactions, with the total value of spend being high. They are purchased in every office location, by many different employees, generating a large number of non-strategic suppliers.

The OCG service is integrated as part of the PROACTIS cloud-based Tail-Spend Management (TSM) platform, enabling Finance and Procurement teams to target the most fragmented of commodity spend, to deliver significant savings in terms of reduced unit prices, category support and process efficiencies via electronic trading.

About the Solution

OCG is unique in the commodity supply industry in that it is focused on continually driving down the overall cost of spend for clients. It does so via a unique combination of technology-aided procurement practices, category management expertise and a disruptive approach to achieving the lowest cost of supply. These direct savings are passed on to the buyer along with the opportunity to realise further indirect savings generated through greater supplier visibility.

PROACTIS clients can use the partner service as an outsourced sourcing agent or managed service provider for related categories:
  • Utilise PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay (P2P punch-out capabilities to enable employees to quickly and easily find what they need and purchase it, with full compliance to authorisation policies.
  • Utilise OCG as outsourced category experts to more effectively and efficiently source new commodity categories.
  • Utilise PROACTIS electronic invoicing capabilities to capture invoices.
  • Utilise PROACTIS P2P automated invoice matching to eliminate all manual invoice processing.
The unique combination of best-of-breed eProcurement technology and specialist category supply services frees up Procurement time to concentrate on other categories, while delivering significant savings in Accounts Payable processing.

The PROACTIS TSM platform is available over the Internet, through web-browser-architected products. Its inherent flexibility means it can support organisations' widely differing structures and demands, and is appropriate to private, public and not-for-profit organisations.

Supporting Quotes

"PROACTIS is an excellent name in the eProcurement market" said Doug McLean, Chief Executive, OCG. "By integrating OCG with PROACTIS, we have created a hugely powerful procurement and eCommerce platform. The web solution and very user-friendly interface, flexibility and ability to integrate PROACTIS to OCG's live data management service were strong factors in agreeing this partnership. We look forward to a very successful relationship."

Joe Taylor, Head of Sales, PROACTIS commented: "OCG's unique approach and proven ability to save time and money is impressive, and the potential for our clients in this partnership is huge. This arrangement shows how our combination of PROACTIS technology, expertise and complimentary partnership achieves significant savings. Many clients will achieve in the region of 20-30% savings per year on their commodity tail-spend."
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