PROACTIS Secures Renewal of Information Security & Quality Management Certifications

PROACTIS, a global Spend Control and eProcurement solution provider, successfully passed and renewed its ISO27001 and ISO9001 standards, demonstrating continued commitment to information security and quality management systems as key elements of its business priorities and plans. These prestigious awards are supported by the Government and recognised world-wide.
"With these certifications in place, our clients have assurance of the integrity and security of the business systems and data in our data-centres, leaving them free to focus on their business and its success rather than their IT. In addition, this validates our ability to deliver the highest industry standards of product, process and service quality to ensure customer care," said Sean McDonough, COO for PROACTIS.
  • ISO 27001 is a standard that ensures security controls are effective, adequate and certified. It assesses software, infrastructure and security practices and includes details for documentation, management responsibility, internal audits, continual improvement, and corrective and preventive action. The standard safeguards the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
  • The ISO 9001 standard is designed to help organisations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements. The standard assesses quality management principles including; customer focus, leadership, process approach, system approach to management and continual improvement.
In meeting the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 demands, PROACTIS demonstrates on-going commitment to the highest standards of security, risk and quality management processes. These certifications result from continuing efforts to secure the integrity of business-critical information, while maintain a focus on PROACTIS' ability to meet customer requirements and continuously improve.
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