Spend Control for Retail

Want to take your efficiency and profitability to the next level?
How can retailers improve their bottom-line performance - if costs are rising while intense competition and consumer expectations are putting a downwards pressure on retail prices? 

This is a challenging time to be a retailer. And it's a tough time for retail sector finance and procurement leaders. Suppliers are forcing up costs, consumer sentiment and omni-channel competition are pushing down retail prices, and everyone is looking to shore up margins. 

The good news is… working with leading retailers, we've found answers to virtually all of these challenges.

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There's a clear path for retailers to take 
Growing numbers of retailers have figured out how to further transform the way they source, purchase and pay for all the goods and services required to run their business. They simply need to apply the right tools and practices to their respective GFR (goods for resale) and GNFR (goods not for resale) activities.

Many leading retailers are taking new approaches to the way they plan and execute sourcing events and manage suppliers. Others are taking big steps to optimise the purchase-to-pay (P2P) process, transform their AP function and introduce innovative supply chain financing. 

But smart ideas are one thing. How can you put them into action?
We've teamed with retailers — to make it happen
PROACTIS has a suite of technologies and services that fit the needs of retailers precisely. With our help, you can deliver even greater savings and reduce risk across all your GFR and GNFR activities. You can replace error-prone, manual processes with highly-automated processes that increase your capacity without adding headcount and then deliver a rapid return on investment.

We're making it happen for leading retailers you know, like Family Dollar, Meijer, John Lewis Partnership, Kingfisher Group, Price Chopper, SpartanNash, Wegmans and others. See our clients.  

We're delivering real-world results in key retail sectors 
Take sourcing for instance. With our expert sourcing services, we’re helping retailers just like you to run more and better sourcing events every year. For example…

Groceries: In a business with razor-thin margins, our sourcing specialists are working with clients to help them access new suppliers, deliver successful eAuctions and reach true market pricing in a wide range of categories – month after month.

  • A 120-store US supermarket chain has used our sourcing managed service to help save over $24 million with an 18x ROI across grocery, produce, general merchandise, equipment, supplies and other categories.
  • A 200-store US grocery and general merchandise retailer has extended our sourcing work into a new generation of supplier and contract management capabilities to better leverage the resulting agreements.

Restaurants: Our high-impact sourcing events add value and transparency, ensuring that our clients’ menu ingredients are both delicious and affordable, and that indirect materials and services add as little as possible to overhead.
  • A supply chain cooperative with procurement responsibility for a very popular franchise chain of over 3,000 stores has made eSourcing a strategic part of their procurement strategy. With our help, savings are at $9 million and counting.

But sourcing is far from all we do.

Our P2P, supplier management and contract management solutions, invoice data capture services and supplier network are helping retailers in North America and Europe to improve performance in all areas of Spend Control. For example…

General Retail: In the DIY, home improvement, garden centre, speciality market and convenience store segments, we’re helping retailers do things like centralise contract management, better control indirect procurement and streamline AP processes to keep overheads low.
  • A FTSE 100 retail group in the UK has established a central repository of all GFR and GNFR supplier contracts across multiple businesses to greatly increase contract visibility and control at the group level.
  • A regional specialty market offering hard-to-find products at low prices in the Northeast United States uses our P2P solution to streamline and better manage the day-to-day purchasing process for all its GNFR spend at HQ and all locations. 
  • A rapidly expanding £500 million trade and DIY tools retailer with over 450 UK stores and a growing EU online business eliminated the need to handle paper documents for virtually all of its 132,000 annual invoices, using our document data capture and invoice processing managed service.
Now you can play by the rules. Your rules.
Our suite of solutions perfectly balance the specific needs of retailers, flex as necessary and evolve to meet changing requirements. With PROACTIS, you get unsurpassed breadth, depth, flexibility and scalability, so you can take total control of spend.

With our Spend Control Platform, you can increase spend under management, ensure true market pricing and drive up efficiency across all your procurement activities. Simply add and combine highly effective solutions for Source-to-Contract, Purchase-to-Pay, Supplier Network and Spend Analysis.
With our help, you can achieve:
  • The right balance of consistent organisation-wide policies and processes with appropriate level of local autonomy when it comes to daily operations
  • The right combination of centralised, decentralised and virtual business functions
  • The ability to leverage your full buying power without losing the advantages of local sources where they best fit your needs
  • Rapid, incremental performance improvement at the pace that works best for you
  • The ability to evolve smoothly as your retail organisation responds to market changes, and as it experiences mergers, acquisitions and restructuring that may occur over time

How we answer your daily challenges 

Our proven, best-in-class solution are built for organisation-wide deployment within diverse retail structures. Our solutions support everything from strategic procurement functions, through to the full purchase-to-pay process and all its components. You can start just about anywhere and deploy incrementally. 

Deploy globally, simply
PROACTIS has all the localisation capabilities you need to deploy a common Spend Control framework across highly dispersed retail operations and supplier communities around the world. 

We take care of complexity by providing multi-currency support, multi-language support and tax support.
Deploy quickly and securely
With PROACTIS, you don't need to invest in new equipment at your different locations. All PROACTIS applications are browser-based, and can be deployed securely on the web to provide 24x7 access to employees everywhere. What's more, they integrate with any financial and operational systems you have in place.

In addition, PROACTIS applications can delivered in a variety of ways to suit you, including cloud deployment, on-premise installation, or a combination of the two. Licensing options include transaction or user-based subscriptions, perpetual license with annual maintenance, or a hybrid combination. 

We Stand Ready 
PROACTIS provides the resources to help you with every challenge and opportunity. 
We can work directly with you to improve how suppliers are selected, how sourcing events are run, how contracts
are managed, and how the right information is made available to your organisation
We can work directly with your team to improve how purchases are authorised, how budgets are managed, and how invoices are processed
We can work jointly with you to tie everything together to make good purchasing practices a natural part of the way your organisation operates and cost consciousness a natural part of your organisation’s culture
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