Spend Control for Property and Facilities Management

Want to avoid cost and complexity - and add value to your service?
Timely procurement is essential to the smooth-running of shopping centres, office buildings, hotels, leisure venue and other facilities. But property and facilities managers face growing pressure to reduce costs and increase service in a highly-competitive, price-conscious marketplace. 

Whether you're managing your own company's properties or those of your clients, owners expect you to apply your expertise to keep facilities in tip-top condition, maximise long-term value and reduce exposure to risk or financial shortfalls. But the more sites you manage, the harder this can be.

The good news is that you can achieve your goals with world-class Spend Control. 

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Turning Spend Control into a competitive advantage
Growing numbers of property and facility managers have figured out how to transform the way they source, purchase and pay for the goods and services. They are using their new capabilities to more effectively operate their facilities and enhance their tenants’ experience. Many are gaining a competitive advantage by demonstrating that they can consistently provide clear, accurate and timely accounting for all operating expenses on a month-by-month basis.

Some are transforming their Spend Control and eProcurement processes as part of broader initiatives like organisational structure changes or the deployment of new ERP or finance systems, while others are doing it because they understand the strategic importance of Spend Control to their business.  

But smart ideas are one thing. How can you put them into action?
We’ve teamed with leading property and facilities management firms – to make it happen 
PROACTIS has a suite of technologies and services that fit the needs of property and facility managers precisely - and together we're proving how well they work.

With our help, you can deliver monetary savings, improved operations efficiency and greater governance and risk mitigation. With the right approach, effective procuremet and Spend Control can be more ingrained and enabled across your entire organisation.

Complexity can be overcome. It doesn't matter if you have a handful of similar buildings in one area - or dozens of very different facilities across the world. Multiple currency, languages and tax support can all be handled with ease - all from a single login, available worldwide, across time zones with local needs, policies, sustainability and regulations all embedded. 

We're making it happen for leading property and facilities management firms like CB Richard Ellis, Intu, Jones Lang Lasalle, Segro, APCOA Parking, Land Securities, Euro Car Parks, Norse Group, Kelsoe Property & Services Group and more. See our clients

We're delivering real - life results in key property and facility management sectors 
Our solutions don't just add technology for the sake of it, they create savings, value and competitive advantage. 

  • The UK property and asset management arm of a Fortune 500 commercial real estate firm has turned Spend Control into a significant value-add of their service that covers 850 properties managed by 460 employees in 12 offices. Deployed in just nine months, our solution has given them greater control and visibility of spend, improved budget control, dramatically streamlined invoice processing and industry-leading accounting for all operating expenses.
  • A global commercial real estate firm managing more than 1,000 locations in 80 countries is deploying an ‘end-to-end’ Spend Control and eProcurement process across the entire organisation using the PROACTIS platform.  
  • An operator of logistics, distribution and light industrial warehouses across Europe with approximately £4.9 billion turnover is consolidating its multiple legacy systems into a single PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay and AP Automation system to enable even greater growth. 
  • A UK-based real estate investment trust (REIT) with 17 million sq ft of retail space valued at over £7 billion is deploying PROACTIS to provide enhanced service to its customers by gaining better control and governance of strategic sourcing, contract management and supplier management processes to optimise all aspects of procurement.
  • A leading property consultancy and facilities management company deployed PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) for 250 users managing spend across hundreds of client sites in 20 countries, including the UK, numerous European countries, the United States, Canada, Barbados and India. All multi-currency, multi-language and multi-tax capabilities of PROACTIS are being put to use and the company is now looking to deploy extended P2P and Source-to-Contract (S2C) capabilities.  
Now you can play by the rules. Your rules.
Our suite of solutions perfectly balance the specific needs of property and facilities management firms, flex as necessary and evolve to meet changing requirements. With PROACTIS, you get unsurpassed breadth, depth, flexibility and scalability, so you can take total control of spend.
With our Spend Control Platform, you can increase spend under management, ensure true market pricing and drive up efficiency across all your procurement activities. Simply add and combine highly-effective solutions for Source-to-Contract, Purchase-to-Pay, Supplier Network and Spend Analysis.
With our help, you can achieve:
  • The right balance of consistent organisation-wide policies and processes with appropriate level of local autonomy when it comes to daily operations
  • The right combination of centralised, decentralised and virtual business functions
  • The ability to leverage your full buying power without losing the advantages of local sources where they best fit your needs
  • Rapid, incremental performance improvement at the pace that works best for you
  • The ability to evolve smoothly as your organisation responds to market changes and as it experiences mergers, acquisitions and restructuring that may occur over time
How we answer your daily challenges
Our proven, best-in-class solutions are built for enterprise-wide deployment within diverse organisational structures. Our solutions support everything from strategic procurement functions, through to the full purchase-to-pay process and all its components. You can start just about anywhere and deploy incrementally.
Deploy globally, simply 

PROACTIS has all the localisation capabilities you need to deploy a common Spend Control framework across highly dispersed operations and supplier communities around the world.

We take care of complexity by providing multi-currency support, multi-language support and tax support. 

Deploy quickly and securely 
With PROACTIS, you don't need to invest in new equipment at your different locations. All PROACTIS applications are browser-based and can be deployed securely on the web to provide 24x7 access to employees everywhere. What's more, they integrate with any financial and operational systems you have in place.

In addition, PROACTIS applications can delivered in a variety of ways to suit you, including cloud deployment, on-premise installation, or a combination of the two. Licensing options include transaction or user-based subscriptions, perpetual license with annual maintenance, or a hybrid combination. 
We Stand Ready 
PROACTIS provides the resources to help you with every challenge and opportunity. 
We can work directly with you to improve how suppliers are selected, how sourcing events are run, how contracts are managed and how the right information is made available to your organisation 
We can work directly with your team to improve how purchases are authorised, how budgets are managed and how invoices are processed
We can work jointly with you
to tie everything together to make good purchasing practices a natural part of the way your organisation operates and cost consciousness a natural part of your organisation’s culture 
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