Spend Control for Service-Based Organisations

We've got clear answers
to your complex challenges
Service-based organisations can avoid missing out on today's breakthroughs in Spend Control – because PROACTIS has overcome the complexity that's been holding them back.

This is great news if you operate in areas such as Public Sector, Education, Retail, Financial ServicesNot-for-Profit, Housing, Property Management, Professional Services and a wide range of other service-based industry sectors.

It doesn't matter if you have a large workforce split into multiple business units, dispersed across numerous towns, cities or countries, with different languages, currencies and tax regimes. And it's not a problem if your expenditure is spread across a vast range of products, services and suppliers.

We've found answers to these challenges. And we've kept it simple.
We believe that access to Spend Control is a 'business right' for everyone
Sustained cost containment is essential to business achievement. It's fundamental to achieving your goals, satisfying your stakeholders and delighting your customers or service users. We'd go as far as to state it's a 'business right'... vital to underpinning success.

The trouble is, service-based organisations are missing out because of the special challenges they face.
All too often, the same symptoms appear:
  • Clear visibility into your total expenditure is elusive
  • Only a small amount of spend is channelled through eProcurement
  • A significant amount of purchases are off-contract
  • Managing supplier contracts and relationships consistently is difficult
  • Accounts Payable remains a highly manual, slow and error-prone process
If other sectors can solve these issues, why not you?
We recognise that service-based organisations face specific obstacles when trying to bring expenditure under control. Companies often make strategic sourcing decisions at divisional or site levels. Few enterprises have standardised procurement processes. And often multiple discrete systems and manual processes makes getting a handle on corporate spend even more challenging.

Transforming processes, enforcing rules and winning over large numbers of employees and suppliers can seem impossible. In fact, the complexity can overwhelm you.

We felt this had to change. So we changed it. 
Now you can play by the rules. Your rules.
Our suite of solutions perfectly balance the specific needs of a service-based organisation, flex as necessary and evolve to meet changing requirements. With PROACTIS, you get unsurpassed breadth, depth, flexibility and scalability, so you can take total control of spend.
With our help, you can achieve:
  • The right balance of consistent organisation-wide policies and processes with the appropriate level of local autonomy when it comes to daily operations
  • The right combination of centralised, decentralised and virtual business functions
  • The ability to leverage your full buying power without losing the advantages of local sources where they best fit your needs
  • Rapid, incremental performance improvement at the pace that works best for you
  • The ability to evolve smoothly as your organisation responds to market changes, and as it experiences mergers, acquisitions and restructuring that may occur over time
How we answer your daily challenges
Our proven, best-in-class solutions are built for organisation-wide deployment within diverse structures. Our solutions support everything from strategic procurement functions, through to the full purchase-to-pay process and all its components. You can start just about anywhere and deploy incrementally.

With our help, you can: 
  • Standardise purchase-to-pay policies and processes using the same framework while allowing for appropriate variations at local level
  • Gain organisation-wide visibility of suppliers and spend patterns
  • Achieve greater buying power by consolidating organisation-wide purchases with common suppliers
  • Co-ordinate sourcing, supplier management, contract management, and catalogue management functions - regardless of where team members are located
  • Centrally manage contracts and catalogues and make them available to each unit easily
  • Automate and transform Accounts Payable processes

The more of our solutions you add, the faster you'll see the benefits coming through. At the same time, PROACTIS can enable you to streamline every aspect of supplier interaction from recruitment, qualification, and adoption; to supplier self-service profile and catalogue maintenance; to electronic commerce.
Deploy globally, simply 

PROACTIS has all the localisation capabilities you need to deploy a common Spend Control framework across highly dispersed operations and supplier communities around the world. 

allows you to establish a 'home' currency for each organisational entity, and perform transactions in various currencies with accurate conversions

allows the user experience to be localised to individual users based on their organisation and user profile

Tax support
handles both VAT and sales tax calculations, as well as varying withholding requirements

Deploy quickly and securely
With PROACTIS, you don't need to invest in new equipment at your different locations. All PROACTIS applications are browser-based, and can be deployed securely on the web to provide 24x7 access to employees everywhere. What's more, they integrate with any financial and operational systems you have in place.

In addition, PROACTIS applications can be licensed and deployed in a variety of ways to enable an approach that is most cost effective for you.
  • Deployment options include cloud-based application management services, on premise installation, or a combination of the two
  • Licensing options include transaction or user-based subscriptions, perpetual license with annual maintenance, or a hybrid combination
PROACTIS localisation capabilities, combined with highly flexible licensing and deployment options make our offering one of the most globally capable and globally practical solutions available today.
We Stand Ready 

PROACTIS provides the resources to help you with every challenge and opportunity. 
We can work directly with you
to improve how suppliers are selected, how sourcing
events are run, how
contracts are managed, and how the right information is made available to your organisation
We can work directly with your team
to improve how purchases
are authorised, how budgets are managed, and how invoices are processed
We can work jointly with you
to tie everything together to make good purchasing practices a natural part of the way your organisation operates and cost consciousness a natural part of your organisation’s culture 
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